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Weekly Maintenance includes cleaning and brushing of your swimming pool, back washing filter as needed, adding chemicals as needed to maintain proper water chemistry, and regular equipment checks.
*All services listed above for only $160 per month 


Weekly Chemical Only Maintenance includes checking water chemistry, adding chemicals as needed, back washing filter as needed, and a regular equipment check. 
*All services listed above for only $85 per month/$65 per month for salt water pools 

Please note that customers must still empty skimmer baskets, vacuum and brush pool at least once a week to maintain proper water chemistry, and to ensure equipment will function correctly.  

Coleman Pools uses top of the line equipment to ensure your satisfaction.  Our highly trained technicians can work on a variety of equipment and specialize in heater repairs and equipment upgrades. We provide a wide range of pool repairs and services including, but not limited to:

                          Filter Cleans                          Acid Washes                       Chlorine Washes

                        Heater Repairs/Installs         Motor Repairs/Installs        Leak Detection

                        Equipment Upgrades            Plumbing & Electrical        Salt System

                        Replaster                                Deck-o-seal                         Tile Repair 

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